Michael D. Young is a native of Pensacola, Florida, a conservative city in Florida’s Panhandle. Growing up, Michael never considered himself to be a leader, however, other plans were in store for him. At an early age, Michael dreamed of owning and operating a business. Michael has inherited an entrepreneurial spirit as his grandfather was one of Pensacola’s First African American lounge bar owners and operators.  Michael’s attractions to Architecture and Drafting in high school lead to his pursuit of additional education in Architecture and Construction industry at the University of Florida. After three years of Architectural studies, Michael completed his Bachelor of Science in Construction Management in December 1997.

Michael became a licensed Certified General Contractor as he passed the state examination in August of 2000. Michael currently qualifies ACY Contractors, LLC and HT Construction & Renovations, Inc. with his contractor’s license. Michael also held a real estate associate license for several years. Michael owned and operated a full-service commercial construction firm, providing start-to-finish services since 2004. Michael has provided construction management, general contracting and trade construction services for K-12, Higher Education, Healthcare, Federal, Hospitality, and other niche markets. Michael’s years of construction and real estate experience has ranged to projects over $200 million.

Michael has launched two new ventures, The Legado Company, LLC (Legado) and Black Folks Invest™. The Legado Company, LLC. is a full service commercial real estate investment company focused on buying, selling, and developing commercial real estate for investors. Black Folks Invest™ was founded to provide a “one-stop shop” for persons of color to learn about investing, while investing in other black-owned businesses. The mission of Black Folks Invest™ is to educate persons of color on: multiple investment types, how to protect their investments, and to be an advocate for investing into black-owned businesses.

Michael is a leader in the marketplace and ministry. Michael functions as a satellite campus pastor of The Kingdom Church, Inc. Michael began his ministerial call on May 21, 1995 and has coached hundreds of rising Christian leaders through Journey™, a Christian Education and Leadership Program. Michael is known as a church planter through several church launches. Michael continues to support the strategic initiatives and growth of The Kingdom Church beginning in 2009.

Michael is married to Dr. Felicia C. Young, who has been influential in his success. Dr. Felicia has supported Michael in each venture and has provided her vast knowledge and experience in the marketing field. Dr. Felicia is a published author and Associate professor at reputable Universities. Michael has four children, Malachi, Gabriel, Jordan, and Olivia, and two grandchildren, Chleo and Asher.

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Michael has been employed by some of the most notable construction companies in the nation such as Hardin Construction, now known as DPR, and Skanska. He has worked for diverse types of companies ranging from small minority owned companies to large privately held organizations.  Michael has over 20 years of experience in the A/E/C Industry, and currently sits on the board of the Central Florida Chapter of the National Association for Minority Contractors (NAMC) and the African American Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida. Michael has received considerable recognition for leadership and is known in Central Florida as a recipient of the following awards:
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